Objectives and Methodology


To propose creative solutions and technical excellence in road vehicles to our clients.

Generally speaking, our design studies are based on a model, a 3D vehicle dynamic one or a more composite model describing the link between its design and the main functions .

Our flexible structure means that we work in an extended network of highly competent partners to provide integrated services.


Development methods, like tools and products, are constantly evolving. For example, in industry, the V-Model has replaced the cascade method. Programming is tending towards less formalized, flexible methodologies with more cycles. On test benches and in simulators, the tendency is to hybridize real and virtual components.

Current trends are to rely heavily on the following:

Two internationally respected experts capture these trends nicely.

Theorists and the experimental scientists alike express the need for theory and experimentation, but it’s the theorist who hails the experiment and the experimental scientist who hails theory. Both are needed. see publication nr44.

Remarking how the automotive R&D is incremental and combining, we can infere that 3 axis are fundamental in methodology:

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Can be found here a list of great inventions, often based on pre-existing technological building blocks and often remarkably simple.

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